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Having had a form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma which resulted in me having 6 fractured vertebra and 2 fractured ribs I was amazed at the results of my reiki treatment. Where I stood 5’11” I now stand 5’9” due to spinal compression I found it profound to note that there was a shift in the energy in my back in the region of my T9 which was one of the fractures. It was as if a channel was unblocked or pressure was released as I did not feel as if someone was driving a knuckle in my back as intensely anymore. I would say there was a 40 to 50 % improvement by my summarization and as a result my mobility improved. The other interesting thing that happened was my restless leg syndrome intensified at first for about a week and then dissipated and since my treatment it is less irritating and has settled down to the point where it rarely happens now. So all in all the treatment was a great success. Thank you Francine!   Allan D.


As someone who has been a physical labourer most of my life, I am always looking for ways to help alleviate the aches and pains one accumulates with a physically demanding job. This was the first time I tried a complete reflexology session and I was highly impressed. I noticed an improvement in my overall energy and a decrease in pain in affected areas within 36 hours of receiving a treatment. Francine has a natural gift in the healing arts. Her calm and professional demeanor put me at ease allowing an experience of deep bliss and serenity during the treatment. I highly recommend Francine's reflexology and reiki treatments to anyone interested in making self care a priority or just wants an improvement in their overall health and wellness. -Christina C, Kelowna, BC.


Francine is an amazing person, so precise and calm and clearly loves what she does.  She has helped me with pain that has gone away in a few sessions.  She has helped me so much and these reflexology sessions help my body sing!  Heather K.



I would like to to express my gratitude for my 'spiritual, mental, emotional and physical Healing' which I experienced after only a few Reiki treatments. As a widowed mother of 6 and grandmother of 2, my wholeness of my body has taking a toll on me, over the years. I recently went back to College creating a large amount of stress, fatigue, long nights of studying and worrying in my life.

My first Treatment was amazing and took me to a place of serenity and calmness within myself as I could feel the strength and energy of such healing hands.  Although, I have suffered with neck and backaches over the years, after a few treatments, I already have become one with my inner self again, making me feel much more energized, relaxed, stress and  pain-free... I look forward to my next treatment and would highly recommend Francine with her wonderful, passionate ways and professional ability to make you comfortable every step of the way.

~Change within your self healing is a blessing to capture and hold within your own inner light.~ Kath.L.~



When I first met Francine I had suffered a debilitating injury. Francine performed Reiki treatments on my injuries and every time she was done, I felt very relaxed and the pain had subsided. A few days after each treatment I  noticed that the injury was feeling better. After many weeks of treatment with Francine performing Reiki, my injuries have healed and I still come for treatment of every day aches and pains. I really believe Francine has healing hands.  Andrew B.



I have had several Reflexology treatments with Francine from Sole Connections. To have a treatment is a very relaxing thing to do for your whole body. As our feet are the foundation of our bodies, I feel it is important to take care of them. The stress melts away and the whole body has received attention . Francine is a kind caring person with warm and gentle but firm hands.  Dee D.


Just wanted to let you know around 4ish i sat on my couch to read a book and relax, don't remember even starting the book - i woke up about 6ish!  So of course i was concerned how i was going to sleep last night.  Well i slept great! just went to bed a little later.  Im glad my body is so receptive to treatment.  Will be seeing you again  cant imagine what a full treatment will do for me.  Bo J  (from a client who came to see me for a 20 minute reflexology session at the Moss St. Market



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